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khavar bastankhavar bastan
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The most beautiful destinations for the most memorable trips in Turkey

Trips are either fun or something, but every journey is a precious experience that should not be weighed down. Seeing different countries, natural wonders, different creatures and the extent of the universe and its strange phenomena can make people feel alert and relaxed. You can memorize your trips with the East.








Khavar bastan

With many choices for travel, many of us find it difficult to determine our destination and can not easily decide.

The travel agency of the Middle East, with its experienced advisers, will make this decision easy and easy for you.

And he accompanies you on your dream trips.

Evaluating goals and desires

Rent a car

International airports showcase a series of companies that rents a car.

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Hours and temperatures of the countries of the world

Click on the time and temperature of your favorite country.
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Everything about travel

The East Coast provides you with useful advice from your experienced advisers.

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Fly in comfort

The Travel Agency of the Middle East has provided its passengers with special service.

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Best Price Guarantee

The East Coast Travel Agency is the provider of the warranty service for the best hotels and airport transfer services.

Travel insurance

The Travel Agency of the Near East provides you with a relaxed and safe journey through the provision of insurance services.

Why choose us

With the expertise of the tourism industry, the Middle East can provide you with valuable expertise.

Need help?

The ancient East with a brilliant record can help you choose destinations and fantastic areas.

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